Cafe Moka Bali History

bali bakery and pastry cafe only at cafe moka baliPT INDONICE PRODUKSI is the name of the company managing the Café Moka shops. The company has opened a new modern kitchen in Denpasar allowing to provide not only the different Café Moka but also outside customers who wish to take advantage of the large choice of breads, cakes, pastries, quiches, gratins and meals, the quality of those has made the 15 years long reputation of Café Moka. Café is a French word that first means “coffee”.

But café also means a place open during the day where you can have a quick drink if you are thirsty and a quick meal if you are hungry. There are a lot of café in French cities and villages where people meet and chat.

Cafe Moka Bali Seminyak opened in May 1997. It was, at that time, among the first European eateries in Seminyak.

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