Salads & Pastas


Mixed Salads

no-image TUNA CARPACCIO                  Rp 48.000
Tuna, capers, chop shallot, dill,
basil and olive oil, lettuce


no-image CHICKEN TERRYAKI               Rp 48.000
Chicken in terryaki sauce, carrot,
walnut, soya, croutons, lettuce


no-image VEGETABLE PESTO        Rp 48.000
Carrot, baby corn, baby beans, polenta cut,pesto, cheese, tomato cherry, lettuce


no-image MUSHROOM FRITI                  Rp 59.000
Mushroom, cucumber, egg, cooked ham,
tomato cherry, sesame seed, lettuce


no-image GREEK ROAST BEEF                Rp  59.000
Paprika confit, zucchini, cucumber,
paprika green, feta, tomato, olive


no-image PRAWN                                    Rp 62.000
Prawn, grapefruit, avocado & lettuce


no-image SALMON SALAD                       Rp 62.000
Gravelax salmon, avocado, lettuce,
baby bean


no-image GRAPE FRUIT PARMA HAM     Rp 59.000
Parma ham, avocado, tomato, carrot, lettuce, grapefruit, raisin, grape juice


no-image SOUPE DE POISSON              Rp 54.000
Warm french fish soup served with
toasted bread and parmesan
no-image CHICKEN LEMONGRASS         Rp 45.000
 Creamy chicken soup
no-image GASPACHO                               Rp 43.000
 Cold tomato soup
no-image SEA FOOD CHOWDER            Rp 65.000
 Creamy sea food potato soup with
crackers, tabasco & basil


no-image BOLOGNESE                           Rp 48.000
Minced beef & tomato sauce
no-image CARBONARA                            Rp 48.000
Cream, ham, bacon, mushroom & egg yolk
no-image MARINARA                               Rp 48.000
Sea food, tomato,sauce & cream
no-image NAPOLITANA                          Rp 59.000
Fresh tomato sauce
no-image PISTOU                                   Rp 59.000
Fresh basil, diced tomato & garlic


beef-lasagna BEEF LASAGNA                       Rp 48.000


Hachic-Parmentier HACHIS PARMENTIER/
SHEPPARD PIE                      
Rp 51.000


Eggplant-Lasagna-copy EGGPLANT TOMATO LASAGNA                               Rp47.000


spinach-cannelloni-copy SPINACH CANNELLONI          Rp 49.000


no-image PASTA GRATIN                        Rp 59.000

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