baguette Baguette Rp 17.000
small baguette-e Small Baguette Rp 9.000
Campaign Roll Campaign Roll Rp 17.000
square bread Square Bread (white toast) Rp 22.000
pita Pita Bread Rp 12.000
Brown Bread big Brown Bread Rp 27.000
Brown Bread Small Brown Bread Rp 19.000
Multigrain Multi Grain Bread Rp 27.000
farmer bread Farmer Bread Rp 20.000
gluten free bread-e GLUTEN FREE Bread Rp 30.000
Dark brown bread Dark Brown Bread Rp 37.000
small dark brown bread e Small Dark Brown Bread Rp 28.000
b toast-e Brown Toast Rp 27.000



Cinnamon-Roll Cinnamon Roll Rp 22.000
Danish-roll Danish roll Rp 22.000
Donut Donut Rp 22.000
Croissant Croissant Rp18.000
Chocolatine Chocolatine Rp 20.000
apple-choussan Apple Chausson Rp22.000
muffin-e Muffin Rp 22.000
DSC_1191 Cup Cake Rp 22.000
Custard-Donut Custard Donut Rp 22.000
Almond-Sacristain Almond sacristain Rp 27.000
Almond Croissant Almond croissant Rp 27.000
ciabatta Ciabatta Rp. 12.000


Choice-of-Mini- Pastries Valhrona Dark Truffes Rp 16.000
Eclairs Eclair Rp 28.000
apple-pie Apple pie Rp 35.000
Chocolate-tart Chocolate tart Rp 35.000
black forest-e Black forest Rp 38.000
Hazelnut-Chocolate- Cake Chocolate cake Rp 38.000
cheese-cake Cheese cake Rp 37.000
Strawwberry cheese cake-e Strawberry Cheese Cake Rp 42.000
carrot-cake Carrot Cake Rp 38.000
Lemon-tart Lemon tart Rp 35.000
Flancoco Flan coco Rp 35.000
millefeuile Millefeuille Rp 33.000
Strawberry-tart Strawberry tart Rp 33.000
Tiramisu-e Tiramisu Rp 42.000

Breakfast Sets


ABF Florentine/Egg Benedict Rp 97.000
A glass of fresh fruit juice, 2 pcs of toast topped with poach eggs, Choice of sauted spinach/bacon,poured with hollandaise sauce. A cup of coffee or tea.


Petit cut-e Petit Dejeuner Parisien Rp 70.000
A glass of fruit juice, 2 breakfast cakes,
A basket of bread, butter & jam,
A cup of coffee, tea or chocolate.


IMG_0095 copy Trekking Breakfast Rp 86.000
A glass of fruit juice, A bowl of yogurt,
fruit & muesli, A breakfast cake,
A cup of coffee, tea or chocolate.


ABF Mexican Breakfast Rp 90.000
A glass of fruit juice, Red beans with guacamole, 2 eggs any style with bacon, ham or sausages, A basket of brown bread, butter & jam,a cup of coffee or tea.


ABF American Breakfast Rp 90.000
A glass of fruit juice, 2 eggs any style, with bacon, ham or sausages. A basket of bread, butter & jam A bowl of fruit salad
A cup of coffee or tea.


ABF French Toast/Pain Perdu Rp 90.000
A glass of fruit juice, 3 slices of French toast, with tropical fruit & raspberry coulis.
A cup of coffee, tea or chocolate.


ABF Tropical Breakfast Rp 76.000
A glass of fruit juice,
A banana or pineapple pancake with delicious palm sugar caramel sauce,
A cup of coffee, tea or chocolate,


Tropical breakfast-fb Tropical Breakfast Rp 76.000
A Banana or pineaple pancake with
Delicious palm sugar caramel sauce,
a cup of coffee, Javaneese tea,
or hot chocolate, a glass of fruit juice



quice- lorraine Quiche Lorraine
Rp 38.000


quice-bacon Bacon & Onion
Rp 38.000


quiche-tuna Tuna & Tomato
Rp 38.000


quiche- rosmery Rosemary-Chicken
Rp 38.000


ham- shise-croisant Ham Cheese Croissant
Rp 40.000
Bechamel, ham, cheese, oven baked


quiche- pumkin Mushrooms
Rp 36.000


quiche- pumkin Pumpkin & Broccoli
Rp 36.000


quiche- pumkin Spinach & Feta Cheese
Rp 36.000


Rp 76.000
Beef, onion, lettuce, tomato, & sauce


Cheese Burger-e CHEESE BURGER
Rp 85.000
Beef, onion , lettuce, tomato,
mozarella cheese, & sauce


Rp 73.000
Chicken, onion, lettuce, tomato,
& sauce


Jambon Beurre-e JAMBON BEURRE
Rp 69.000
Ham, lettuce, onion, tomato


Vegetarian sandwich cut2-e VEGETARIAN
Rp 59.000
Vegetables and Humus
Cheese Sandwich-e CHEESE SANDWICH
Rp 63.000
Old cheddar, butter, onion,
tomato & lettuce


Poulet sandwich-e POULET
Rp 65.000
Chicken, egg, tomato, onion, lettuce


Complet Sandwich-e COMPLET
Rp 72.000
Ham, cheese, egg, tomato, onion, lettuce


Bacon Sandwich-e BACON
Rp 69.000
Bacon, egg, tomato, cheese, onion, lettuce

club sandwich2-e CLUB SANDWICH
Rp 75.000
The traditional one with french fries


Sandwich 2-e PARMA HAM
Rp 93.000
Parma ham, lettuce, onion, pickle


Salami sandwich-e SALAMI
Rp 74.000
Salami, mustard, tomato, pickles & onion


Thon sandwich-e THON
Rp 73.000
Tuna , egg, paprika, tomato,
onion, and black olive


Roastbeef sandwich cut-e ROAST BEEF
Rp 83.000
Beef, tomato, onion, lettuce


Salmon sandwich ok-e SALMON SANDWICH
Rp 79.000
Gravelax salmon, rucola,
tomato& sour cream


Rp 59.000
Chicken, basil, chilli, cucumber


Balsamic tomato & mush..-e Roasted balsamic
Rp 65.000
Roasted balsamic tomato,
mushroom, humus


tomato sauce anchovie-e Tomato sauce Rp 65.000
Tomato sauce, anchovies
olive, capers







Milk small glass Rp 25.000
Milk Large glass Rp 30.000
Hot Chocolate Cup Rp 27.000
Iced Chocolate Glass Rp 32.000
Milk Shake / Fresh Fruit Lassie
Vanilla/ Coffee/ Chocolate/ Pineapple/
Banana/ Strawberry
Rp 38.000
Fresh Fruit Juice
Extract Juice
Rp 36.000
Rp 40.000



meat-pie Blend of yogurt & honey
Rp 40.000
Strawberry ,Chocolate, or
Mixed Pineapple and mint



meat-pie Espresso coffee (Illy)
Rp 25.000
Long black Rp 25.000
Double espresso Rp 30.000
Cappuccino Rp 29.000
Café latte / flat white Rp 29.000
Decafeined Rp 30.000
Iced café latte Rp 32.000
Iced cappuccino Rp 32.000

Mixed Salads

Rp 75.000
Tuna, capers, chop shallot, dill,
basil and olive oil, lettuce


Chicken terryaki-e CHICKEN TERRYAKI
Rp 75.000
Chicken in terryaki sauce, carrot,
walnut, soya, croutons, lettuce
Mushroom frity-e MUSHROOM FRITI
Rp 75.000
Mushroom, cucumber, egg, cooked ham,
tomato cherry, sesame seed, lettuce


Rp 85.000
Paprika confit, zucchini, cucumber,
paprika green, feta, tomato, olive


quinoa salad-fb QUINOA SALAD
Rp 75.000
Avocado/grapefruit, baby spinach,
Tomato cherry, red onion.


Bacon Salad--e BACON SALAD
Rp 75.000
Bacon, egg, chickpeas, potato, tomato cherry,
cheese & lettuce.

Salmon salad-e SALMON SALAD
Rp 85.000
Gravelax salmon, avocado, lettuce,
baby bean


parma ham salad-e GRAPE FRUIT PARMA HAM
Rp 87.000
Parma ham, avocado, tomato, carrot, lettuce, grapefruit, raisin,grape juice


Rp 75.000
Cube cuts of mango, avocado, tomato, jalapeno & lettuce


Calamary-Salad-e CALAMARY SALAD
Rp 79.000
Sauted calamary, strawberry slice, tomato cherry, red onion,lettuce


Young papaya & mango salad--e YOUNG PAPAYA & MANGO SALAD
Rp 75.000
Young papaya, mango, chili,
carrot, peanuts, shrimps.


Bolognese-e BOLOGNESE Rp 69.000
Minced beef & tomato sauce


Rp 79.000
Cream, ham, bacon, mushroom & egg yolk


Pasta Napolitana-e NAPOLITANA
Rp 63.000
Fresh tomato sauce


Pistou-e PISTOU
Rp 63.000
Fresh basil, diced tomato & garlic



french fries-e FRENCH FRIES Rp 30.000
Crispy as you like them


Nachos NACHOS Rp 59.000
Corn tortillas, guacamole, refried beans,
red salsa, chillies and sour cream


Calamary-Friti CALAMARY FRITI Rp 65.000
Deep fried calamary with tartare sauce

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